i have failed my degree what next?

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anjali chouhan asked 4 years ago

SIr, i have failed my degree what next? 3 years back i failed in bcom 3rd year. please suggest me some options.

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admin Staff answered 4 years ago

Well, the question asked by you I HAVE FAILED MY DEGREE WHAT NEXT? Is a very common question that asks so many students.
There are many options for degree failed students to continue their studies let see below.
I have failed my degree what next? Can I Again Complete Degree?

  • Yes, if you failed your degree in the final year, you have the option to directly take admission in the same university by paying re-appear / backlog examination fees.


  • You can apply in another university directly for final year degree admission under the credit transfer system in some universities.


  • You can study Engineering Diploma which will conduct after 10th class & 12th class in all over India.


  • If you can’t study regularly by attending classes, you can also study under Online / Open & Distance Learning / Correspondence Mode.

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