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Tejan Gupta asked 2 years ago

Hello! I have completed my BBA recently and I am interested in pursuing PG Diploma in AI/ML/Data Science as this will help me bridge the gap required for 16 years of education and will help me to change my stream for Master’s (AI or Robotics) in USA.

My query is regarding whether is it safe to go with online/distance programs as I feel very less confident as many universities won’t accept when admitting me and also may effect the chances of finding employment in US. If I were to go in for management or finance I wouldn’t have hesitated to go ahead with online/distance programs. But I don’t feel like risking when it comes to CS/Engineering.

Kindly let me know what you think. As going with open university programs would save me a lot of money (tuition + living) as long as it won’t pose any risk. 

Thank you! 

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