WES Evaluation Canada Process | Required Documents

WES Evaluation Canada

WES Evaluation Canada Process | Required Documents

Applying for WES, World Education Services evaluation Canada for your Indian Degree is a simple three-step process.

  • Step 1 complete WES online application when you have completed the application WES provide you with a  reference number use this number in all correspondence with WES this will allow WES to match your document to your account
  • Step 2 carefully follow the directions on the required documents page for your country of Education when WES receives your documents you will examine and verify each one sometimes you may need further verification if this is the case WES will contact your institution for more information this verification process ensured your evaluation is trusted by schools employers immigration officials and licensing bodies across the US and Canada
  • Step 3 after WES verify your documents you will complete your evaluation in seven business days your completed evaluation and academic records will be stored so you can order copies for schools or employers in the future WES work hard to ensure your evaluation accurately represents your academic history and WES will support the pursuit of your career and education goals that’s why WES also offer advice on studying and working in the US and Canada.
What is WES Canada

Documents Required for WES.

As you prepare to send your documents to World Education Services (WES), you may have noticed the requirement for some documents, like academic transcripts or mark sheets, to be sent in a sealed envelope.

It is important to follow these instructions because if a document with this requirement arrives in an envelope that has been opened, not sealed properly, or has a broken seal, it will not be accepted.

This will cause delays while we wait for you to re-submit the document properly.

To help you understand this requirement better, let’s review what we mean when we say “sealed envelope.” The front of the sealed envelope should have the name of your university or school. Many schools use an official envelope (which usually includes the school’s logo) to fulfill this requirement.

The front of this envelope should also include your WES reference number. The back of the sealed envelope is where the envelope is sealed. There should be a seal, stamp, or official signature across the flap closure that will indicate whether the envelope has been opened. Sealed envelopes are required because they ensure your WES evaluation is accurate and trustworthy.

If you have any questions about sending us a sealed envelope, please contact at wes.org/contact.

WES Credential evaluation

WES Online Application Procedure.

To start an application:

  • Visit wes.org and click Get Started.
  • This will provide an overview of the process. First, fill out the application and receive a WES reference number.
  • Then, send your documents according to WES document requirements.
  • Include your WES reference number on all envelopes and correspondence you send to WES. When your evaluation is complete, WES will send your report to you and any recipients.

We will show you how to complete the WES application.

Click Apply Now to start the application.

  • First, choose the country where you will use your report. In this example, we will use the U.S. Next, you will need to create your account. If you already started an application, you can log in from this screen.
  • Provide your name and other personal information. If you applied for a WES evaluation in the past, you can click yes and provide your WES reference number to link your account.
  • You also have the option of receiving emails from WES about your ongoing events and resources.
  • To help you through the application, we offer additional information on many fields to help you understand what is required.
  • Wes also has a helpful tool you can type questions into to receive instant answers.
  • Next, complete your personal information. Most of this page is already filled in with the information you provided earlier.
  • You can click Save & Exit at any time during the application to save your progress and return to the application.
  • Now we need to know the purpose of your evaluation. This will help us recommend the right evaluation for you.
  • You can choose from education, professional licensing or certification, employment, immigration, or choose other if you are not sure.
  • We will use Education in this example. Select Education and then provide the level of education you want to pursue. Let’s choose Graduate Admissions for this example. Now it is time to add your education credentials, like a bachelor’s degree, to your order. Click “Add Credential” to get started.
  • In the popup that opens, add all the information about the credential. Some fields will auto-complete, but you can type in your information if it is not already in the system.
  • Be sure to enter your full name as it appears on each credential. Fill in the date your credential was awarded. If you are still working toward your credential, choose “In progress”, or if you did not finish your study, choose “Incomplete”. Then add the dates you attended that school and click Save.
  • Repeat this process for all of the credentials you want to have evaluated by clicking the Add another Credential button.
  • You can Edit or Delete each entry by clicking the links to the right of the name of the credential. Next, tell us who you want your report sent to.
  • You will always receive a copy of your report. You can choose to order additional copies for yourself if you like.
  • Scroll down to add other recipients for your report. Simply search for the school or organization you want to receive your report.
  • You can choose from the results, or you can manually enter your recipient’s information. When you click the name of the recipient, you may also need to choose the school or department that should receive your report.
  • Then verify the address, and add the contact person who should receive the report. Now that you have provided the information for your evaluation, it is time to select the type of report you need.
  • Based on your previous entries, WES will recommend the report to choose from. You can choose a WES basic package or WES ICAP, which will add copies of your transcripts to the report we send to your recipients.
  • Scroll down and select your report type. Next, choose the delivery options for your report. You can choose a shipping method for each recipient.
  • Finally, WES provides you with personalized document requirements for your report. These are all the documents you will need to submit and instructions for doing so.
  • You will be able to access this later through My Account. Now all that’s left is to review your order.
  • Select the Acknowledgement boxes, and click next. You can make a credit card or Western Union payment now, or select Check or Money Order to receive instructions for submitting payment. Choose your payment method and click Submit.
  • Once you submit your application, we will provide you with your WES reference number and a link to My Account, where you can check the status of your application. Be sure to save your reference number – you will need it when submitting documents and if you need to contact WES, World Educational Services customer service team for assistance.

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How to Order a Duplicate WES Report?

Once you have received your completed WES evaluation report, you can order a duplicate report at any time.

Follow the Below Procedure:

  • In My Account, scroll down and click the order duplicate button.
  • For Canadian files, you can choose to order a duplicate Canadian immigration report or a standard report.
  • In the US you will see the option to “Order Duplicate Report

For any help please contact WES customer service team at wes.org/contact


1.Sabarmati university WES approved?

Yes, Sabarmati University (formerly Known as Calrox Teachers University) Gujarat certificates Approved by WES for Evaluation.

2.WES Recognized Universities list?

There is no Specific Universities list available with WES, WES will evaluate all Universities Certificates of all over world, but the universities or boards should have proper local country approval.

3.is WES Evaluation Necessary for canada pr?


4.What is WES?

WES stands for World Education Services

5.How to get WES Reference Number?

Visit WES official website and complete the online form filling formalities and pay the WES Fees then you will get WES Reference Number.

6.WES Processing Time

WES takes Approximately 1 Month time to complete the process, and some times its depend on the concerned university to send Sealed Envelope to WES.

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