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what is medical technologist


Medical technologist / medical laboratory technologist / Medical Technologist Definition is a professional expert who undergone a study of various courses like Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Technologist, etc., courses.

which the duration of courses will be from 1 year to 3 ½ to 4 years study of various subjects including hematology, biochemistry, microbiology, histopathology, immunology, serology, blood banking clinical laboratory, etc., subjects.


If you like science, medicine and technology, and you also like to solve problems and save patient’s lives, this will be a good program for you. Medical laboratory science is the part of the healthcare

Nobody really knows who you are. Anything that comes out of your body or off of your body comes to the lab and medical technologists look at it for disease or cancer just too kind of see what’s going on and help the doctors make a diagnosis. 70% of the information a doctor needs to actually treat the patient comes from the lab and medical lab scientists work in that lab, hospitals, clinics, state levels. The medical scientist will learn how to look at your blood so, well draw your blood and put it on a glass slide so they can look at it and look at the different types of cells.

They also learn about how to test for strep throat and flu or different things like that and also different kinds of bacteria. This course is very unique. Medical lab science is a really exciting field right now, and in the future as well. It’s growing like 14 percent more than any other of the healthcare field.

Medical technologists have a lot of connections with different facilities throughout the states. Hospitals where they do clinical rotations. Those connections definitely help medical technologist students get jobs right after they graduate. The big thing that really likes about this program is that the professors really take care of you. They want you to succeed and so if you ever have any questions the door is always open.

As a medical laboratory scientist, the average starting salary right out of school and is around $50,000.Lab managers and supervisors make more and even if you don’t go in medical lab science and stay there, it’s actually a gateway for other medical professions. Health care professions learn about diseases. Learning about medical conditions. This is the best choice for students who are willing to really reinforce the fact that they wanted to go into the medical field.

what is medical technologist
what is medical technologist

The medical technologist program is a hidden gem.

The medical technologist program is a hidden gem. It gives you a taste of what it’s like to work in the health field and, of course, if you want to make a difference in someone else’s lives, you get the opportunity to do that. It’s really rewarding to see the patient’s prognosis get better. Know that you helped monitor that. Not all heroes do wear a cape; they do wear lab coats.

And it’s those unsung heroes that you don’t see on a daily basis that kind of bring everything together. Because without them you don’t get a proper diagnosis. Behind science is curiosity. They’re also the level of compassion involved, you know, this is where you can combine both of those aspects together.


Medical Laboratory Technician program is about the laboratory tests that which carry out in the hospital. The medical technologist will take the patient’s blood. They run bacterial plates.

Medical lab technologist actually works with instruments like microscope, incubator, slides, etc., so the things that you’ll see out in the hospitals same also do in the lab.

The classes are very hands-on and practical learning. Medical lab technicians do spend some time in the books, but the majority of the time is hands-on doing the application and working with each other. They have teachers that have worked in the profession but have also taken education classes. So they know how to teach the material but also can give you the back-story on what actually goes on in the lab and how to apply what we’re learning in the book to what we do.


Especially through the internships. You get to spend time with actual patients and people in the profession. Being able to work one-on-one with teachers for me is very important because that gives you that personal attention that you wouldn’t get other places.

Medical Technologist Courses and Duration:-

There are 4 types of courses under MT masters, degree / MLT courses as under.

  • Certificate course in Medical Lab Technology (1 Year Course)
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (2 Years Duration)
  • Bachelor of Science – Medical Laboratory Technology (BSC MLT/BMLT) (3 ½ Years)
  • Masters of Science – Medical Laboratory Technology (MSCMLT / MMLT) ( 2 Years)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (1 Year)

How to become a medical technologist?

For becoming a certified medical technologist you should the education requirements eligibility criteria.

For Certificate / Diploma / Bachelors Degree Level:-

  • He/ she should be Passed a school level /12th standard / higher secondary with science subject from a recognized/approved school/ boards.

For Master Degree/ Post Graduate Level:-

  • He/ she should be Passed B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology course conduct by the recognized university.

Medical Technologist Job Description

Medical Laboratory Technician where these students And that can be anywhere where Diagnostics is needed the hospitals, of course, their places called reference Labs, which don’t actually take patients, but they are the ones that when you go to your local doctor, they receive the test and so they do those are some of the Physicians are opening up a little teeny lands in their facilities where they have an MLT or a med-tech which is what I am running just a couple of machines they’re on their site.

  • A medical laboratory technician can open own labs, diagnostics,
  • Can get a job as a medical lab technician in hospitals/clinics/ diagnostic centers.
  • Also, they get jobs in government sectors like railway paramedical recruitment, military paramedical recruitment, and family and health welfare jobs.

Medical Technologist Salary

Salary depends on the degree he/she has studied in the field.


he is the only person to examine the test which is like blood test, sputum, urine, biopsy, ultrasound, hematology test, t3, TSH, semen analysis etc test

What Subjects Subjects covered under Medical Technologist Course?

  • Essential Biology
  • General Microbiology
  • Basic Hematology & Hematological Techniques-I
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology-I
  • Basics of Biochemistry
  • Human Values and Professional Ethics
  • Systematic Bacteriology
  • Basic Hematology Techniques –II
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology –II
  • Biochemical Metabolism
  • Communication Skills
  • Applied Bacteriology
  • Applied Hematology-I
  • Basic Cellular Pathology
  • Analytical Biochemistry
  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Immunology &Mycology
  • Applied Hematology-II
  • Histotechnology-I
  • Clinical Biochemistry-I
  • Medical Laboratory Management
  • Blood Banking
  • Parasitological & Virology
  • Endocrinology, Tumor & Cancer Markers
  • Immunology, Serology & Parasitological
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Histopathology & Cytology technique
  • Coagulation studies
  • Systemic Bacteriology, Mycology & Virology
  • Quality Laboratory Management & Automation
  • Internal assessment & Practicals

Medical Technology is called not only for medical lab technology courses but also called for the some of below.

  • Nuclear medical technologist.
  • Microbiology Medical Technologist.
  • Pathology Medical Technologist.


Is a medical technologist a good career?

Yes, it has good career options in the health and hospital industry worldwide.

How do you become a certified medical technologist?

A minimum of 3 / 4 years degree course has to pass to become a medical laboratory technologist. and depends on country.

Do medical technologists draw blood?

Yes, they draw blood for examining and giving a report to the doctor or helping to treat according to the problem.

What is the starting salary for a medical technologist?

2000 USD Starting depends on which type of job you doing like part-time/full time etc.

Is a medical lab technologist a good career?


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