Is Open School Certificate Valid or Not?

Is Open School Certificate Valid or Not

Is Open School Certificate Valid or Not?

Yes, open school certificates like Secondary or Senior secondary also called open inter, are valid for the purpose of further studies as well as for the state and central government Jobs/employment.

But, the open schooling boards should be approved by the local state government or by the ministry of education (School Education Department).

Let me show you some references to understand better.

How Many Open Schools are there in India?

There are 18 open schoolings in India according to the National Institute of Open Schooling, New Delhi.

  • Haryana State Open, Chandigarh
  • Madhya Pradesh State Open School, Bhopal
  • West Bengal Council of Rabindra Open Schooling, Kolkata
  • JSS Karnataka Open School, Mysore
  • Tamil Nadu State Open School, Chennai
  • Punjab State Open School, Mohali
  • Andhra Pradesh State Open School, Amravati, Andhra Pradesh
  • Rajasthan Open School, Jaipur
  • Kerala State Open School, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Jammu & Kashmir State Open School, Jammu
  • Assam State Open School, Guwahati
  • Chhattisgarh Open School, Raipur
  • Patrachar Vidyalaya, Delhi
  • Patrachar Shiksha Sansthan, Lucknow
  • Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination, Patna
  • Himachal Pradesh State Open School, Kangra
  • Gujarat State Open School, Gandhinagar
  • National Institute of Open Schooling, New Delhi

The NIOS has issued a notification on 02.04.2012 vide letter ref no: F.No.26.03/NIOS/SSS/PA/ and the notification issued as follows.

It has been decided by the NIOS that the certificates by the State Open Schools (as per list enclosed) to their learners after qualifying Secondary and Senior Secondary Examination(s) conducted by them would be treated at par with the similar certificates issued by the National Institute of Open Schooling to its learners.

Accordingly, the learners of the State Open Schools would be eligible for admission in the courses offered by the NIOS

What about Central Government jobs? Is Open School Certificate Valid for Central Government Jobs as well?

Yes, Open School Secondary or Senior Secondary / 12th class / Open Intermediate certificates are valid for the central government jobs as well.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Department of school education & Literacy by school section 3 has also issued an Office Memorandum (OM) dated 07th September 2012.

That the open schools which are established by the state legislature act or parliament act are valid for the central government jobs.

What is COBSE? Or COBSE member Board?

COBSE Full form or COBSE Stands for Council of Boards of School Education in India, which is a non-government organization, will give membership to school education boards in India which are established by the State Act.

The COBSE membership only is not mean that the board certificate or board valid for the purpose of employment or further studies.

And COBSE membership is not mandatory it is voluntary only.

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10 thoughts on “Is Open School Certificate Valid or Not?”

  1. Dear Sir,
    We received a jsos secondary certificate . but in Tamilnadu state board not accepted. Its fack or genuineness one. Kindly reply me.
    Thank you

    1. JSOS, Which also Called Jharkhand State Open School is not a Jharkhand State Government Recognized board and according to NIOS, Which is known as the National Institute of Open Schooling the Jharkhand State Open School not listed in the NIOS Recognized / equivalent boards list.
      so according to my knowledge, it is a self-styled board.
      for further details, you can directly contact to Jharkhand State Government Board whether if that board approved then the student need to get an equivalency certificate from the local state government board.

      1. i have a 12 th degree from jharkhand state open board school. some says this is fake state board. so what is this exactly?
        reply soon please!

        1. Regarding Jharkhand State Open School validity you have to verify the board genunity by applying eligibility or equivalency certificate from the Jharkhand Academic Council ( Jharkhand Local State Board) if they give an equivalency certificate then it is valid.

  2. I am doing 12th standard open schooling in West Bengal Council of Rabindra Open Schooling, Kolkata. The 12th standard certificate is eligible for Tamil Nadu Government Jobs.

    1. Yes, the West Bengal Council of Rabindra Open Schooling, Kolkatta is a Government Board, its certificate valid for employment and further studies also.

  3. i am doing 12 th standard Oen Schooling in Karnataka State…..Karnataka Institute of Open Schooling (KIOS) Hubballi…the 12th standard Certificate is eligible for state govt & Central Govt Jobs….pls reply


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