Is Distance Education Degree Valid for Government Jobs?

Is Distance Education Degree Valid for Government Jobs

Is Distance Education Degree Valid for Government Jobs?

Yes, a Distance Education Degree is Valid for Government Jobs as well as further studies.

Let’s Know In Detail!

There are many questions in the minds of Students, Parents, Working Peoples regarding distance education and the biggest question that arises is that what the importance of distance education.

Whether the degree under Distance / Online Degree is valid or not, we can apply it or not for the government job, then there are many such questions.

So today I will explain to you in full detail that:-

  • What is distance education?
  • How to Apply for Distance / Online Degree Courses
  • What courses can you do,  what are the benefits we get, and what benefits are not available?

First of all, let’s talk about the question of whether the degree of distance education is valid or not and, whether is it Eligible for government jobs or not.

Friends, I think you must have seen when government job Notifications come out for graduation or post-graduation.

Then your eligibility is written there, it is clearly written that you have graduated from any recognized university or it’s if you have done something equivalent.

That is, you have graduated from any recognized university, there is no matter whether you have it in regular or your degree in the Distance / Online Degree are completely Valid.

And 100% percent is valid and you can apply for any government jobs or Further Promotions if you have done any of your courses from a recognized university, graduation, or post-graduation.

Is Distance Degree Valid for Civil Services / UPSC or Any Competitive Exams?

Yes, of course, you can apply for civil services as well as all competitive examinations in India,

But in some companies will prefer regular students and then Distance mode. And no one says that distance education / online degree are not valid or not eligible for appointment.

So you can apply everywhere.

How to Apply for Distance Education – What is the Checklist to be check?

First of all, check the approval of the university.

Whether it has got the approval of the University Grants Commission (UGC) & Distance Education Bureau (DEB) or not.

You can easily able to find the DEB Approval Letter by visiting official web site of Distance Education Bureau.

And there is no restriction to study only top universities or government universities like that. Students can get admission to any university under distance mode from anywhere.

But the main point to validate your degree is to be approved by the DEB.

Which courses are not valid under Distance Education / Online Mode?

The course which comes under Engineering, Medical, Hotel Management like B.Tech, Diploma, M.Tech, BPT, Optometry, Lab Technology, Hotel Management Degree or Masters courses are not Valid in Distance or Online Mode.

Is Open University degree valid for government jobs?

Yes, Open University Degrees like IGNOU, YCMOU, KSOU, Dr.BR Ambedkar Open University, Andhra University, Osmania University etc., are valid for Government Jobs and Further Studies.

Which degree is best for government jobs?

Following degrees if you have passed there are more chances to get a government job other then all.

  • Degree in Economics
  • Political Science
  • Public Administration
  • Public Health
  • Psychology
  • Commerce
  • Public Relations
  • Accounting
  • Social Workers so on.
Is Distance Education Degree Valid for Government Jobs

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    1. To date there are no such rules made separate for Regular & Distance Mode. however, if anyone clearly mentions that only regular students can apply or are eligible means only regular students eligible.

  1. Bro I have taken admission in 2019 open degree without inter by 18+ years cross limit is this degree Valid for all private and government jobs

  2. After 10th i have stopped my education and I have done my degree in distance education means I don’t have intermediate certificates. Can I eligible to apply any Government job

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