Top 5 Best Career Options after B.Com, Jobs, and Salary Check Now

Top 5 career options after B.Com, Jobs, and Salary Check Now

The Following is the Top 5 Best Career options after B.Com

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Chartered Accountant (CA)
  3. Company Secretary (CS)
  4. Accounting & Taxation
  5. Financial Risk Manager

We Will Check in Detail!

And if you have the following Questions in Your Mind? This article will be the Answer!

  1. Best Career Options After BCom?
  2. Salary for BCom Graduates in India?
  3. Salary for CA in India?
  4. Career and Salary for Charted Accountants in India?
  5. What is Company Secretary?

Hi to all the B.Com Graduates!

Well, you know what is THE MOST COMMONLY PURSUED DEGREE IN INDIA after the 12th? Or which is the most Common Degree in which most people graduate.

Well, if you didn’t know, you should be aware of this.

Well, the Most Common Degree in India which many, many people are or I would say, most people graduate in the B.Com.

B.Com is a highly pursued degree by most of the students probably because it gives them a very, very wide scope of career options to pursue further which could actually help them a lot to boost their careers.

But having said that just doing B.Com is not enough, definitely, the students need to have you know some of the other add-on courses or degrees post your BCom like B.Com E-Commerce, CA, and CS Etc.

Otherwise finding a Job becomes slightly tough or rather I would say, very, very tough and not just that any common student.

Now, actually, for, for any common student, now B.Com is absolutely compulsory, right? So

Bachelor of Commerce is a whole new world of opportunities for the students who have passed Intermediate 12th class, all to explore many new career options Precisely.

In this article, I am going to give you the Top 5 Best Career options after B.Com. So let’s see which the first is and the most exciting career option which you can opt for the post to B.Com.

Top 5 Best Career options after B.Com!

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Company Secretary (CS)
  • Accounting & Taxation
  • Financial Risk Manager

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Well, the first one is an MBA, Masters of Business Administration. Well obviously having most people or more students love to do an MBA after Completing B.Com.

But if you really want to be successful with your Career, then MBA it would be a good idea if you just kind of do it.

After two to three years of work experience, That definitely helps to boost your kind of silly as far as your MBA is concerned and MBA would just give you would actually open up a Bundle of job opportunities for you.

Because it, I’m sure I mean an MBA is kind of, you know, and India it is basically picked up by almost any or every company, right? You definitely are. Gonna find a Bundle job.

Well what is the best way to get into MBA?

Of course, clearing CAT Examination, which is your COMMON ADMISSION TEST and the score that you have in. Your CAT exam will actually define the kind of college you get and definitely better the college betters the job opportunities, and better the Pay Structure.

Well, if you’re able to get through a very good college for you through your That and you are able to make it through your MBA.

Definitely, your career is going to choose catapult and definitely, the pay scale that you’re going to reach up to is going to be great, right?

What is the Salary for MBA?

So if you just take an average pay scale of the students who complete their MBA from a very good college or University.

The average pay scale basically just stress ranges nowhere, you know, from between 5 to 7 to 25 lakhs.

So this is what I am discussing. But I’m telling you, is just the basic, right? So the pay scale which is fresher would get, but again.

Definitely. They would very and not just don’t take them at their face value. But yes this would be an average kind of a range somewhere in between, right?


So now here is the next career option which also is very very high. In Demand and that is a Chartered Accountant Right.

Again, who doesn’t know that? So CA’s are actually a lot in demand but everyone knows that CA is kind of not as easy to crack or clear.

So but if you’re lucky and if you’re able to crack it, well then you just arrived.

So basically CA is done in three stages and you got to complete all the three stages.

The clear, the exams for all the three of them and post that you are complete, two and a half years of internship, which is going to make you into a complete CA, right?.

So and again, just like MBA, CA is are also absorbed by almost all the companies. They are very very much high in demand right now.

As far as your average salaries are concerned, well, that completely depends upon the organization.

How Much Salary Chartered Accountant Will Get?

We’re in you’ve joined but definitely no. We’re less than 7 to 8 Lakhs Per Year, is what you would get out.

Of course, I also want to tell you that the figure that I’m quoting here is in rupees, right?

The currency that I’m telling, you, is rupees, right? So if you just take the average range, it would be nowhere less than six to seven LPA.

And you could even go up to 75 LPA which is quite alluring, right? So well, if you are that kind of person who has an interest in CHARTERED ACCOUNTANCY, then just go ahead with it.


CS, it is going to give a huge boost to your career. Now, again, another very, very exciting career option for those people who have done their B.Com and now are kind of confused and don’t know what to do Company Secretary rights of the company.

Company Secretary again is a very good Career Option for you basically company secretary is a degree which or CS to put it Forward.

CS is a degree that basically involves the study of law in the corporate field. Right?

So definitely the corporate field not just requires developers and you know the all the customer service industry agents and there are so many other things which are required for a corporate, you know, Center to run.

So they also need, you know, a law. A person who knows, law, right?

So company secretary is precise, what will actually help them out in such a situation.

So basically learning about the law. As far as your corporate feelings field is concerned is what is covered in your CS degree, right?.

So once you’re done you through, with CS degree, which is actually basically three years long once you are through with this again.

These three years agree as well is divided into three stages.

Your Foundation intermediate and finals, right? So it definitely is again, going to open up a huge scope of, you know, you definitely are gonna get a Huge of jobs for you to choose.

How much salary for company secretary?

And again, you’re as far as your salaries are concerned and average starting Salary would be nothing less than 4 to 10 lakhs.

And again, this is a very, very, you know, average value that I’m telling you, it definitely can vary a lot, right?

So well, there are many, many new and exciting career options for B.Com students, right?


So here is the fourth one on the list and that is your Business Accounting and Taxation, right?

So business accounting and Taxation again is very, very high in demand, right? So, post doing this course, you can work as a Tax consultant or maybe as a corporate legal assistant or maybe a company law assistant, right?.

So definitely, these are also the things which are kind of unexplored and most people don’t know about them.

So if you’re able to do something, which is, or if you’re able to get into a field, which is much less saturated, definitely does a chance of you being successful and that feel will increase multi-folds.

Right now again, as far as your You know, salaries are concerned.

What is the Salary of Business Accounting & Taxation?

No, we’re less than, you know, 4 to 8 LPA would be your starting range. But again, as I told you, these are all the salary ranges that I’m quoting are again. Very, very kind of generic.

They definitely are dependent upon. Do you know the company wherein you are working, right? So this is only through research that I have come to a conclusion.


Financial Risk Manager. Again, Financial Risk manager is also a recognized degree for all those people who would love to go in the field of banking and finance FRM is a very, very good option for you.

Alright. So if you’re able to do this course through a recognized University, and you’re able to get through basically the sources of nine months, right?

So and the exams for the same are conducted twice a year. Once in the month of May, and once in the month of November, right?.

What is the Salary of FINANCIAL RISK MANAGER?

So, if you’re able to get through, well, then again, you have an amazing kind of Career head and your salaries would be nowhere less your starting salaries, of course, would be nowhere, less than 10 to 18 LPA, right?.

So, definitely, if you feel Banking and finance is your thing to do, just go ahead with this degree and I’m sure it’s going to give you a, you know, a very, very fruitful career ahead.

So, friends, these were the top five career options which you can opt for after Passing the B.Com.

so that you can actually boost your career multi-folds and you don’t have to worry about anything as far as your, you know, getting an A job is concerned, after your B.Com.

Well, because a Bachelor of Commerce would probably give you a job,

but it might not be as or it might not just matter expectation, right?

So, definitely choosing any one of these career options after B.Com your interest is going to help you a lot.

So, well, friends, this was all about, you know, Hope You Had Valuable Information about Best Career Options after B.Com

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